In this section, we'll learn how to add a new tool, and here's an example of a new pickaxe.

Let us first observe the inheritance tree.


You can see that the original version has provided classes corresponding to 4 tools, and there is a ToolItem on top of these tools. If you want to create a new type of tool, you can choose to inherit and implement this class. Please refer to the original version for the implementation method 4 categories.

Next we begin to create the obsidian pickaxe

public class ObsidianPickaxe extends PickaxeItem {
    public ObsidianPickaxe() {
        super(ModItemTier.OBSIDIAN, 2, -3f, (new Item.Properties()).group(ModGroup.itemGroup));

As you can see, here we choose to directly inherit the PickaxeItem class, and then pass directly we create a good obsidian ItemTier, the rest of the parameters, please refer to the original implementation.

And then there's registration.

public static final RegistryObject<Item> obsidianPickaxe = ITEMS.register("obsidian_pickaxe", ObsidianPickaxe::new);

Adding textures and models is not something I'll go into here.

Open up the game and take a look, and you should be able to see the brand new Obsidian pickaxe.


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